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Kangen Water

We are proud to introduce Kangen Water to you and our patients. The high alkaline, anti-oxidizing water that is fully and easily absorbed due to being micro-clustered. We offer our patients and their family and friends a 30 day sampling trial in our Woodland Hills office. Kangen Water has the capability of properly hydrating you with healthy water and thoroughly cleaning your fruits, vegetables and your home without soap or chemicals. Kangen Water also provides a sanitizing water that helps heal cuts, skin conditions, sore throats and other situations where sanitization is needed.

Why spend money on bottled water and delivery service every month and year when you can spend just pennies a day for your very own streaming Kangen Water machine at home! Begin a revolutionary change for yourself and your family! Kangen Water is free of chemicals found in tap water such as chlorine, zinc and fluoride. Be completely environmentally conscious with Kangen Water, eliminate plastic and chemicals in your home!

Sodas and sports drinks are highly acidic, alkaline water intake brings our bodies back to a balanced neutral state, allowing us to heal and hydrate properly.

  • Enagic is the only water purification and ionization company to hold the Water
  • Quality Association Gold Seal
  • Used as a medical grade device in Japan
  • Safe to drink, clean, and cook with
  • Safe to give to pets
  • Financing available!

Please visit our dedicated Kangen Water website for more information