Start A Pain Free Life Today!


We are proud to announce we have Rand Tucker, an experienced Acupuncturist treating patients at our Woodland Hills location. The benefits of acupuncture are: very few side effects, effective treatment, can control some types of pain and an alternative treatment method to patients who do not respond well to pain medications. Please call Rand to learn more about relieving your pain and to schedule an appointment 818-216-8265.

Happy Holidays!

Welcome to Orthopaedic Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Centers! As the holidays approach, we would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season with friends and loved ones. At Ortho Rehab, we care about our patients as much as our own family. We are always here to answer any questions related to treatment and appointments, please feel free to give us your feedback and questions. We are proud to serve our patients and our community. As we continue to rehabilitate our patients with physical therapy, we would like to introduce Kangen Water to you. This is a healthy living water useful for drinking, cooking and cleaning. This water is better than tap and bottled water because:

  1. It's pennies a day versus bottled water
  2. It's healthier
  3. It's healthier!

Why spend your hard earned money on highly acidic bottled water, delivery service and sports drinks/sodas? We are committed to getting our patients rehabilitated and healthy in all aspects of their lifestyles. This high alkaline, anti-oxidizing, easy to absorb water will give you the hydration and purity your body needs! These medical grade devices filter out everything found in tap water including chlorine, fluoride, zinc, etc. The device produces 5 types of water suitable for drinking, cooking, cleaning your home, fruits and veggies and much more! Please stop by and talk to Sherine near the lobby she can answer any questions you may have.

Start a healthier you, today! Visit our Kangen Water website for more information. fb graphic